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Special Offer

The Aspendale Gardens Veterinary Hospital is offering a discount for referring new clients. Clients who refer friends, family members and others who become new clients will receive a $10 discount off veterinary services at their next visit. Make sure you tell them to mention your name when they book an appointment. If you refer two new clients to us you will receive a $20 discount. Limited time only.

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  • 1 Nov


    Andy, a much loved 16 year old terrier, was recently treated to some leftover Thai food by his owner. The food contained lots of onions and garlic which Andy ate with great enthusiasm. But the following week, his owners noticed he was flat and listless and ‘not himself’. The owners took Andy to Aspendale Gardens Veterinary Hospital where veterinarians Dr Helen Vanderbom and Dr Laura Hook took blood tests which confirmed anaemia ( low blood count) and took a thorough... Read more
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